Opposing Defenses Will Fear Our Offense


When thinking of great offenses around the league you don’t have to look too far as there are two good ones in our division with the Saints and Falcons. Other solid offenses include the Cowboys, Packers, Patriots, and Steelers to name a few examples. What these offenses have in common is scheme flexibility along with multiple playmakers that allows them to be versatile to take advantage of certain matchups. Now of course, these teams have great QB play which helps a lot, but these offenses are surrounded with diverse skill players that allows the coaching staff to be creative and isolate their players to take advantage of mismatches via run or pass. The Bucs upgraded their offense this off-season by adding speed, size, and versatility which will allow them to be more creative this season.

As it pains for me to say this the Falcons do an excellent job of using their offensive personnel to create mismatches and they take advantage most of the time. Atlanta does a good job of keeping opposing defenses in base formation which allows them to take advantage of a slow linebacker or safety in coverage. Just take a look at this play below as they run a simple pass concept but creates a big play for a first down.

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The Falcons run this concept a lot which is a rub or pick play which is design to create separation as it did here against the Broncos. Let’s look at another example in the Patriots who probably are the best at finding mismatches and attacking them consistently. Look at this play below in which the Pats just do a simple motion to the left with their two tight ends and instantly creates a mismatch going up against the smaller defenders.

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Patriots do this often with Julian Eldman and Rob Gronkowski as they find ways to isolate them through various formations and Tom Brady puts it on them. The point is these offenses are feared by opposing defenses because they are so diverse and versatile each week, plus they have great skill players that can win one on one matchups. Each component of the offense compliments one another which allows the offense to attack in multiple ways and when the unit has that kind of power it is just flat out dangerous. As a die hard Bucs fan it pains me that our offense has never been able to reach this kind of level, but that could finally change this season.

With the additions of Desean Jackson, OJ Howard, and an offensive unit that is going into the same scheme for the 3rd consecutive year should allow this offense to take that next step and put fear into opposing defenses. Coach Koetter already does a great job of getting the ball to his playmakers which he did last season with Mike Evans and Cam Brate. Now he has a full cabinet of skill players in which each one brings something different to the table. The Bucs can now run multiple formations with one personnel grouping.  For instance, they can have Cam Brate and OJ Howard along with Mike Evans and a RB, then can motion out the two tight ends and suddenly become a three wr set. Opposing defenses are going to have trouble with our speed and size that we can present at any time during the game.

The point is the Bucs have multiple players that opposing defenses must account for or else they are going to get burn one way or another. Coach Koetter already does a great job of finding different ways to isolate his skill players to create big plays just like this one below to Cam Brate.

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Brate gets lined up on linebacker and it’s game over, but now you add Howard and Jackson to the mix opening up the field that much more. Defenses can’t collapse the box anymore and just double Mike while jamming Brate at the line of scrimmage. Bucs now have more options which should lead to a more diverse attack which means opposing defenses should be scared shitless when they see the Bucs on the schedule. Now again they have to go do it and put it on the field but as it looks right now opposing defenses should be afraid of what this Bucs offense will be able to present on Sundays this fall.

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  • Nathaniel fischer says:

    I agree completely. The raw amount of skilled receivers and tight ends we have now in tampa we have never seen before. And please don’t forget our third round pick out of Penn state, Chris Godwin. This guy has been getting nothing but praise from everybody. So our depth we have at receiver and tight end charts is something to be elated about. The cannons will be firing for years my friends.

    Nathaniel fischer
    Bucs nateon on Twitter

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