Bucs Defense is Already Flying to The Ball


It has only been four days of training camp but it is easy to see the increase in speed on both sides of the ball. There has been plays made by both units but the defense has been really flying around and are getting their hands on the football. This is normal as the defense is usually ahead of the offense during the preseason but that doesn’t mean the offense is not making plays because they are. However, from seeing camp live the other day this defense was moving at a high speed and looked to be really comfortable which allows them to play faster. Less thinking and just being able to play and react makes a huge difference. Bucs Lb Kwon Alexander recently spoke about this of how it took them some time to learn the defense but got it down now and should be able to start fast this season per Scott Smith.

So far Kwon is looking to be right, as the unit looks to be playing assignment sound and have been making plays consistently throughout the first four days of camp.  Overall energy and effort was excellent but more than that they were flying to the football on every play. It all starts up front and of course Gerald McCoy has been lights out but it is Noah Spence that has been really standing out for me. He looks way more comfortable and he has enhance his technique and might even be faster off the edge than he was last year. Just take a look at this video that we were able to capture, watch Spence at the bottom right of the video.

Spence pulls off a nice inside move which got left tackle Donovan Smith completely off-balance allowing Spence to apply pressure quickly. Spence is already pretty good at bending the edge and if he can attack with inside counter moves consistently he will be very dangerous this season for the Bucs defense. Now let’s get to the secondary which has been impressive and it’s not only the starters that are making plays. Here is a nice recovery pass breakup by 2nd year corner Ryan Smith.

All the corners are being aggressive and making plays especially Vernon Hargreaves and Javien Elliot as they have done a solid job of being active and getting deflections. Now that’s not really a shocker but what is surprising is how well the safety group has been playing. It starts with new arrival JJ Wilcox who has been involved already in several big plays and is really looking comfortable in this new defense. Here is a play by Wilcox in which he flies to the ball and makes the pick via What The Buc.

Now it is still early and there is a long way to go, but it is just nice to see that plays are being made on both sides of the ball which means this team is improving. The talent level has gone up and the competition is fierce which is great for everyone involved. This defense is ready to break out as they are looking faster, more comfortable, and prepared. Both units are going to make each other better, but right now the defense is flying around like they use to in the early 2000’s.


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