Can the “Stick Carriers” Be a Factor to Opposing Team?


Throughout the history of the NFL there have been many home crowds that have been able to have an impact on how the other team performs during the game, such as Oakland’s “Black Hole”, Cleveland’s “Dawg Pound”, Seattle’s “12th Man”, and the “Cheese heads” of Green Bay.

What does it take for a team’s home crowd to affect an opposing teams play? Well for starters it takes having more of “us” than there are of “them” in the crowd, and how does an organization ensure that there will be more home team fans then opposing team fans?

Winning helps of course and the Buccaneers are finally starting to return to their winning ways finishing 9-7 last season.  Also having some high personality elite star players on the team that fans want to go and watch live such as Jameis Winston, Kwon Alexander, Gerald McCoy, Mike Evans, just to name a few.

Prior to last season the last time the Buccaneers had a winning record was way back in 2010 (10-6) but they were still in the bottom three in total home team attendance in the NFL averaging just over 49,000 fans (RayJay capacity – 65,856) while compiling a home record of 4-4.

Last season the Buccaneers went on a 5 game winning streak and finished 9-7 and the average home attendance was 60,625 (RayJay capacity after updates – 65,890).

Obviously more fans were coming out to see the exciting play of the team and the young stars as they were winning more games overall then in the last few season.   They did go 4-4 at home, and they still had the fourth lowest overall home attendance in the NFL.

While the Buccaneers were 4-4 at home and 5-3 on the road the defense played slightly better at home then on the road averaging 20.1 points allowed to 20.6 on the road, 358.8 total yards allowed to 377 on the road, 244.7 passing yards allowed to 256.8 on the road, 114 rushing yards allowed to 120 on the road, and achieved 17 turnovers at home to 12 on the road.

The Buccaneers offense was the opposite playing slightly better on the road then at home averaging 21.75 point at home to 22.5 on road, 327.6 total yards at home to 365 on the road, 235 passing yards at home to 255.8 on the road, 92.6 rushing yards at home to 109.4 on the road.

Most likely than last season with the excitement of the teams play and the elite players there was more of “us” at RayJay than “them” so that is step one in becoming a factor in the outcome of the opposing teams play, and becoming a winning team is another step in the right direction.

As most Buccaneers fans know by now the Stick Carriers Movement technically started after the Buccaneers beat the San Diego Chargers with Coach Koetter locker room speech telling the Buccaneers players to:

“Speak softly and carry a big mother fu@*ing stick!”’s Justin Pawlowski (@CommishOnline) ran with the Stick Carrier Movement (@Stick_Carrier) from there becoming the leader of the movement, and organized an event for all fellow Stick Carriers to take over a day of training camp.

On August 5th the Stick Carriers indeed did take over training camp practice and began to receive attention from the team as well as national media attention.

Now I have to play devils advocated and ask if this movement can be sustained.  Say for instance the Buccaneers, who are playing a very tough schedule this season, shockingly do not have a winning record and do not make the playoffs this season will the Stick Carrier movement continue or die in the first season?

Will it strike fear in opposing teams if the Buccaneers have a .500 or worse record at home?

From what I see here, this is the beginning of a raucous rowdy crowd that the Buccaneers will play off of and will cause terror and fear in opposing teams that dare step into Raymond James Stadium, and again RayJay will be a very difficult place for opposing teams to come to and win and I am proud to be a part of the #StickCarrier Movement.

Much like the “Black Hole”, the “Dawg Pound”, the “12th Man”, and the “Cheese Heads” makes Oakland, Cleveland, Seattle, and Green Bay very difficult places for their opponents to play (well not Cleveland so much anymore, but at one time) the “Stick Carriers” will make Raymond James Stadium a difficult place for opposing teams to be successful.

So to my fellow Stick Carriers let’s make Raymond James Stadium a place to fear for opposing teams to play in again!!!

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  • PINNAQL3 says:

    Can’t follow a “fan” than not long ago encouraged others to boo the Team so he could feel like a winner in the Draft.

    Also, fans don’t “takeover” the Home stadium or practice. That’s something people from the visiting team does. Also, something people who want attention do. It’s f*ckin’ ludicrous.
    BUCS fans don’t need a name. They just need to be BUCS fans.

    Above everything else, “Stick Carriers” is just a simply stupid and juvenile name that feels like a drunk person made up and thought it was ingenious. Laughable.

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