Bucs Add Big Name to Secondary


Yesterday was a solid day as college football was back in full gear and I got to spend time with family and friends watching the games, it was great. During this I was keeping up with NFL cuts and seeing what was going on with the Bucs roster and was very excited with the decisions that Jason Licht and his staff made. There wasn’t really any surprise cuts that were made, but there was one move that got myself and other Bucs fans very happy via pewterreport.com.

If the Bucs defense can have Jack Smith back healthy and full go, that will be a huge boost the pass rush going forward. So I was feeling great about the day and it help me get over the Gators dreadful offense, yes I am a Gators fan. Anyway back to the point of this article, so i got home around 10pm and watch a little of the FSU-Bama game before passing out. The funny thing is I was thinking about the Bucs getting pro bowl safety TJ Ward who was cut early Saturday morning, as he would be a big upgrade to our secondary and also bring a winning mentality. So for some reason around 3:30 this morning I woke up, checked the feeds on twitter and I yelled HOLY SHIT three times as the Bucs actually signed TJ Ward to a 1 year deal worth up to 5 million via Josina Anderson

This is freaking huge for this team going into this season as it not only provides more leadership but also a player who knows what it takes to win a championship. It was like Bucs Gm Jason Licht saw our tweet that was posted earlier about the Panthers possibly signing Ward and Licht said “Hell no, not today”!

The Bucs have been bold under Jason Licht’s management as he is not afraid to make moves if it means making the team better and this move is exactly that. Not only does Ward upgrade the safety position but he can give you flexibility as he can play in the box and help against TE’s and also be a force in the run game. Ward is not a centerfield safety as he doesn’t have great range and is not super fast but he does win with instincts and being physical at point of attack. The addition of Ward allows the defense to do more things with their coverage as well as their blitz packages. The Bucs talk about creating and building a swagger, well TJ Ward brings some swagger and then some as he is a talker but backs it up with great play which makes him a great leader.

Now with the season being seven days away I wouldn’t expect Ward to be starting right away but pretty sure Mike Smith will find ways to get him on the field. I absolutely love what Licht and his staff have done this off-season as they understand the window to win now is open and it is time to take advantage of it. Plus the other part of this is that rookie Justin Evans will be able to learn from Ward and be able to apply it to his game making himself better overall. This defense was already going to be really good in my opinion, now there is a chance they could be great in 2017 with the addition of TJ Ward.


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