Attack Trae Waynes


Looking at the Vikings defense theres one word you can think of is aggressive. They usually play really close to the line and want to rush decisions and get to the QB fast to force bad throws to force turnovers. To do that they usually blitz a lot and play man defense with one high safety. That leaves your corners on islands 1 on 1 against receivers which is defeinitly an area the bucs can attack.

On one side of the field the Vikings have Xavier Rhodes, who was a Pro Bowler in 2016 and most likely will be playing one on one with Mike Evans. On the other side they have Trae Waynes, who has been targeted by many teams and he was exposed again last week in Pittsburgh as you can see below:

The first throw was a 51 yarder where Waynes gets caught looking at the QB and lets Bryant get past him and can’t recover. Now picture Desean Jackson getting any space or making Waynes hesitate for just a second. Thats the difference between tight coverage and a deep gain down the field. If the Vikings stay consistent with their defense you can expect a bunch of man coverage with that high safety shading towards the #1 receiver. In my eyes this is a prime game for D-jax to show us that game breaking speed he can bring to every Sunday. All this is possible only if Winston can get the time to deliver the ball of course and thats for another Blog.

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