Win First Down!


Last week, the Bucs did a good job on defense by winning first down meaning they kept the Bears in 2nd and long and third and long situations for most of the game. This is something the Bucs defense struggled with last year as there were too many 2nd and 6 instead of 2nd and 8. It starts with stopping the run, and the Bucs did a great job of this last week holding the Bears to only 20 yards rushing. Just look at the first defensive play of the game as it’s a nice tackle for loss.

This is a great play by McCoy as he just dominates his man and makes the play in the backfield. This is what we call winning first down as it is critical to win in this league. Well this Sunday, the Bucs on offense and defense need to make sure they are winning first down. If you can win first down, you can stay ahead of the chains and that usually leads to good things.

The Bucs need to make sure they continue to do this especially against a Vikings offense that is starting a backup Qb and will likely lean heavy on the run game. As for the Bucs offense, they did a good job of staying in manageable third down distances which will be key against a strong Vikings pass rush. It all starts with first down, so keep an eye on this for Sunday, if the Bucs are winning first down they should be in good position to win this game.

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