Winston Must Raise His Game Against Top Defense


Last week, Bucs QB Jameis Winston was solid as he did what he had to in order to win the game, but he will have to raise his game even more this week against the Vikings. Now don’t get me wrong Jameis had the right mindset last week as he was patient and didn’t really force any throws leading to zero turnovers. However this week against the Vikings, Jameis will have to be even more patient and make sure he doesn’t put the defense in bad positions early in the game. The good news is the Vikings play a lot of man coverage with a lot of single high safety looks which plays into Winston’s strengths. It is time for Jameis to beat a top ten defense as he has struggled in the past as he is 1-6 vs top defenses in his career.

Now granted Jameis was playing without the weapons he has now, so that should be a boost for this Sunday. The main point is Winston needs to take advantage of his opportunities specifically when big plays are open, he has to connect. Jameis struggled last week with missed opportunities especially down the field and needs to make sure he hits those plays going forward if he wants to take this offense to the next level. It really starts with him protecting the football and making sure he is going to the right place with the football. If Jameis can play under control like he did last week, I would expect the offense to put up some points this Sunday. There really is no more excuses for Jameis as he has the pieces around him to be a top quarterback in this league, now it’s about putting everything together and executing the gameplan. The Bucs have options to create mismatches against any defense, if the o-line can give some time to Jameis, look for him to take advantage consistently.

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