Jameis Must Be Better


Every week we see franchise quarterbacks put teams on their back and pretty much tell the opponent that they are not winning today. So far for Jameis Winston, he has shown signs of being able to do that but has unable to do it consistently. Yesterday, the Bucs needed Jameis to take over a game and go win it as the defense was short-handed and would need a boost from the offense. Well the offense couldn’t get anything going as they couldn’t find a way to convert on third down along with poor decisions at critical times.

Now back to Jameis, he actually was quite accurate in this game for the most part, 28-40 328yds 70% which is pretty solid. The big issue though was the three interceptions inside the opponents 20 which left points on the board. Three interception games should not happen with the amount of weapons Jameis and the Bucs have in their arsenal to utilize.  It’s time for him to be smarter with his decision making and take what the defense gives him. Jameis did a great job of this against the Chiefs last season as it was probably his best game. He was patient and made sure to keep the chains moving by hitting his open targets. Jameis needs to understand that it’s ok to take the 5-7 yards that are open instead of forcing it downfield.

Let’s take a look at the first interception which was the turning point of the game as it could have been 14-10, instead it went to 21-3 deficit.

This throw has to be 6 points, Jameis needs to lead Jackson to the back of the endzone or incomplete. Instead it is badly under thrown and leads to an interception. Deep ball accuracy has been an issue for Jameis and it is something that I believe will get better but he needs to understand overthrowing your target is still way better then leaving the ball short. So instead of being 14-10 at half, the Bucs go into halftime down 21-3 and facing a uphill climb the rest of the game. The second half didn’t start well as the offense went three and out and then the Vikings went down and scored to make it 28-3. The Bucs offense would finally get it going to make it 31-17 going into the 4th quarter and suddenly it was a game. The offense was driving and was looking to score again to make it a one score game, but another bad decision puts that all away and the game was lost.

If Jameis wants to be elite, this play just can’t happen and needs to learn that the ball must be protected. This was second down as well and there were other options open to the left side of the field. Again it starts with patience and Jameis understanding that he can’t win the game on one play. Now I know Jameis will correct this and probably will have a great game against the Giants this week, but it shouldn’t take a game like this for him to understand that he must take what the defense gives him. Lastly, let’s take a look at the final interception as it was not a good idea at all by Jameis.

Again I have no clue what Jameis sees here as throwing the ball into traffic is just never a good idea and it ultimately leads to his third interception of the day. If the Bucs want to go somewhere this season, Jameis is going to have to be smarter with the football and be the quarterback they need week in week out in order to win consistently.


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