Bucs Must Be Balance to Win


When the Bucs beat the Bears a few weeks back, the offense did a good job of staying balanced with 32 runs vs 30 passes. Then look at last week and the Bucs were way unbalanced with 40 passes vs only 9 runs which just can’t happen if the Bucs want to win 10 or more games this year. The Bucs did get down early against the Vikings, but for an offense that is built for play action the team needs to stick with the run and continue to mix it up. Coach Koetter has been preaching patience to Jameis well same can be said for Koetter because at times he gives up on the run way too early.

Even down 28-10 at one point in the game, the Bucs needed to continue to run the ball regardless of the yards gained. The threat of run can help sell the play action pass which creates more space for receiving targets and Jameis should have a easier throw to make. Now it helps if the Bucs can get ahead early because it keeps them in the gameplan which is to pound the rock and throw it over the top. If the Bucs can’t stay within the gameplan and present a balanced attack then it’s going to be difficult for the offense to be efficient consistently.

Now again the runs don’t have to be huge gains everytime, but if you can at least get 2 to 4 yards a carry just to keep the defense honest will help Jameis and company be more successful on a regular basis. Now getting Doug Martin back in a week should be a boost as he is the best back on the team and should be able to make the offense even more dangerous going forward. If the Bucs can be balanced on offense this week against the Giants, then it should be a good day at the office for the Bucs offense.

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