Bucs Defense Needs to Be Aggressive


To put it blunt, the Bucs defense was really bad last week in Minnesota as nothing went right for the unit. Even though the unit was short handed, there is no excuse to give up big play after big play to an Vikings offense that was led by Case Keenum. After watching the tape, it just seemed the Bucs were scared to play aggressive and attack the Vikings offense as they were playing off coverage way too much and Keenum was just getting the ball out in 2 seconds. When facing a timing offense, you have to find a way to disrupt that timing and Bucs just never did that and it cost them big. Rush and coverage have to work together and for some reason last week it was just off all game. Now looking forward to tomorrow’s game, the Bucs defense has to be more aggressive with their rush and coverage in order to disrupt the Giants quick passing game.

Now the Bucs do play a lot of cover 3 and cover 4 coverage which is supposed to keep everything in front, but this week the Bucs need to play more cover 1 press man or zone coverage. In other words single high coverage which means one safety deep with the others in man or zone underneath. Now the goal of the Bucs defense is not to give up the big play and eventually force a turnover, and that is fine if you get the turnover but those won’t happen each week. This is why the Bucs corners should play closer to line of scrimmage in effort to disrupt the timing with the receivers and Qb which should allow the pass rush to get in more effectively. The Giants offense did a good job of getting the ball out quickly last week so the Bucs got to find a way to make Eli Manning hold the ball for at least 3 or 4 seconds. If they can do that, Noah Spence or Gerald McCoy should be able to get in against this poor O-line.

The Bucs defense is at their best when they are aggressive and attacking the football. If the D is contesting everything and swarming to the ball, then it should be a good day for this Bucs defense at Ray Jay tomorrow. Now it won’t be easy as the Giants have plenty of playmakers, but I think this unit bounces back in a big way by getting after Eli and forcing him into mistakes. Safe is death for this defense and if they play aggressive for 60 minutes they usually play better. Mistakes will happen but do them while playing at a 1000 miles per hour will usually make up for it.

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