Bucs Bounce Back With Big Win


It just looked like it was going to be one of those games that the Bucs usually find a way to lose and another 1-2 start was on the way. However, this Bucs team is different as they kept fighting throughout the game and found a way to win on a game winning field goal by Nick Folk. With the Bucs beating the Giants 25-23, the team moves to 2-1 for the first time since 2011 in which they got off to a 4-2 start before losing ten games in a row. The Bucs started off strong as the defense got consecutive three and outs which led to the Bucs offense getting things going with some big plays of their own. The Bucs got a big run from Jacquizz Rodgers who made some nice moves and got the ball down to the 5, setting up this beautiful play.

Then quickly after this score, the Bucs got the ball right back, and coach Koetter dialed up this thing of beauty putting the team ahead 13-0 in the 1st quarter.

Right then it looked like the Bucs were going to run away with it, but that wasn’t the case as the Giants battled and made it a game till the end. Now again Bucs kicker Nick Folk struggled leaving seven points on the board so it might have been an easier win if those kicks go in. Overall I thought the Bucs played very well and definitely were better from the previous week. Jameis played very well for the most part and biggest thing was zero turnovers for him and did a great job leading the offense down the stretch to setup the win. I liked how the defense tighten up, they did a much better job of contesting passes and limiting explosive plays which is good to see. I think we can all agree that Brent Grimes makes a big difference and he was outstanding once again. It was a big win for the team and to be 2-1 is huge going forward as they have the Patriots up next on a short week.

Now only a few negatives from this game but can get cleaned up and that is the pass rush gameplan and the 3rd down efficiency on both sides. The Bucs front four did a good job at times to get Eli Manning off his spot and apply pressure but I would still like to see a more consistent plan with the pass rush. It just seemed at times the line was trying too many stunts or rush games instead of focusing on just beating the man in front of you. As for the third down efficiency it has to be better as the Bucs are struggling to sustain drives on offense, and then on the other hand can’t get opposing offenses off the field. This must improve if the Bucs want to get into the playoffs this season, and I expect it will as the team gets further into the season. Enough nitpicking though, a win is a win and the Bucs did what they had to do which is winning at home. The Bucs have now won six straight at Ray-Jay which is what you have to do if you want to be consider a good team.  Here is the game winner from Nick Folk and now it’s time to beat the Patriots.

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