TE Duo Leads The Way


The Bucs might have one of the better tight end duo’s in the league featuring Cam Brate and OJ Howard. Well this past Sunday, it was on full display as both made big impacts throughout the game. The offensive gameplan should always involve them as they present mismatches in both the pass and run game. I would expect to see them more involved as the season goes on especially since Jameis is very good at hitting the middle seam route. Cam Brate is quickly becoming one of the better tight ends in this league and he showed that this past Sunday against the Giants. OJ Howard is already a great blocker and he has been a big boost in the run game as well as pass protection. Howard finally got a chance to show what he can do in the passing game and finally got his first touchdown as a Buc.

However, Brate is the prime target between the two, and Jameis got him involved early and often against the Giants. Brate is just very smooth in how he finds ways to get open and seems to be open all the time. Rarely does Brate drop the ball and has shown improvement as a blocker.

The play above was huge, great route by Brate and Jameis put the ball right on the money. This was not the biggest play by Brate as take a look at this clutch play by Jameis and Cam on a 3rd and 1.

Fantastic play and execution by both and the Bucs went on to win the game with a field goal by Folk. The Bucs have a luxury with Brate and Howard and now is the time to take advantage. Looking at this Patriots matchup, gotta think the Bucs will look for their tight ends against their linebackers who can be beaten in coverage. I think after this season is done, the NFL will know who has the best tight end duo in the league and that it resides in Tampa.

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