Time For D-Line to Breakout


Enough is enough, it’s time for the Bucs D-Line to take over tonight and they have to if they want to win. The Bucs front four leads the league in Qb pressures which is good but only have 1 sack to show for it. 1 sack in 3 games is just not good enough and I feel something has to give. Hopefully tonight, Bucs can get breakout games from Noah Spence and Robert Ayers as they both need to be better with their rush game. I already know Gerald is going to be Gerald and find a way to create havoc but he needs others to win one on ones. The good news for the Bucs is the Patriots offensive line has struggled to protect QB Tom Brady so far this season. Here is a neat stat from profootball focus.

The surprise entry this low on the list, the New England Patriots offensive line has been far more porous than it was in 2016. They have allowed 60 total pressures, the fourth-most in the NFL, with Tom Brady taking an uncharacteristically long time in the pocket on average (2.58 seconds per throw).

The Bucs need to take advantage and find a way to get Brady to move east and west, there are mismatches that the Bucs front four should feast on tonight. For example, the Patriots right tackle Marcus Cannon is slow footed and speed rusher Noah Spence should be able to win.

Mike Smith and the defense has to take advantage of this and maybe force a turnover off of Brady. This front four is talented and it’s time they step up and play like it. Rush up the field with passion and determination and stop the run on your way to the QB. This Patriots offense throws the ball over 60% of the time, Bucs have to disrupt that with a pass rush tonight. It’s time for the D-line to take over, the wait has been long enough.

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