Bucs Mindset on Offense Needs Adjustment


It was tough watching football today seeing these 3-1 teams knowing that the Bucs should be one of them if their offense could just execute properly. Missed opportunities have been the big issue for the offense so far this season especially against the Patriots on Thursday night. The Bucs couldn’t convert on third down to save their life, and for some reason the Bucs stop running the ball in the second half. It just seemed like the offense just couldn’t get out of their own way as their was drops, missed throws, and overall lack of balance. Now I am not going to question the playcalling because there are plays to be made that are just not being hit on. However, i think the mindset of the offense needs to be adjusted and that starts with the quarterback Jameis Winston.

For some reason, he is focused on hitting the deep play and too many times against the Pats he locked on to the deep route too long while there was options underneath that were open. Winston has to get back to the basics by going through his progressions and taking what the defense gives you. Now again it starts with making accurate throws and going to the right read. The good news is Jameis has shown that he is more than capable of doing these things, he just has to go out there and do it.

The above play shows three options underneath that are open, Jameis has to start seeing these options and let them make a play in order to sustain drives. The Bucs have to get back to a ball controlled offense in which they are balanced with the run/pass ratio and are sustaining drives. With Doug Martin back in the fold, have to expect the Bucs to get back to a run first offense again. Jameis is going to take chances and there is nothing wrong with that and when the big plays are there he has to hit them.

This play should have been six points for the offense as Jameis just missed Jackson on a go route. Jameis has to get better with his deep accuracy as I think he needs to step into his throw and put more air on his ball letting the receiver run under it. Another issue that I saw from Jameis was hesitation with pulling the trigger on open options.

This throw needs to be made by Jameis as it would have kept the drive alive and that is what this offense has to get back to. This offense has the weapons necessary to put up points along with a veteran playcaller who needs to get back to a balanced gameplan. Going forward, the offensive mindset should be simple and get back to running the football and utilize the play action to give Jameis more easy reads. More diverse route combinations would help too, more slants, drags, and digs need to be used as the Bucs need to attack the middle of the field more often. The options are there, it’s now up to our Qb to take advantage and make opponents pay. Focus on getting first downs to set up touchdowns, a return to balance gameplan should help with that.

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