Evans Makes Great First Impression

The knock on Justin Evans going into the draft was the amount of tackles he would miss due to trying to deliver the big hit and also bad angles to the ball. Well it looks like bucs coaches have fixed that and really enhanced his strengths. Evans totaled 8 tackles, 2 passes defensed and 1 interception against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Evans was playing full speed without any hesitation and showed great form to square up and make sure tackles as show below:

Going into the draft I wasn’t high on Evans because lets face it, if you can’t tackle, how the hell are you going to stop anybody. Good thing Licht and company saw all the positives he does have and took the chance that the coaches can teach him better tackling form and angles to the ball. What Evans has a lot of is athleticism. He is extremely active in the secondary and moves like a CB with the ability to quickly change direction effortlessly. He’s best in space and thats how the bucs used him and he excelled greatly. He managed to pick Brady off once and almost had a second as shown below:

Looking at the second video you can really see how athletic he is and what he brings to the secondary. Evans initially gets pulled in with the play action fake but is athletic enough to drop his hips and immediately start his back pedal to stay with the fullback. Believe it or not thats extremely hard to do. He does all this while keeping his eyes on the QB and feeling where the fullback is. Then he breaks on the pass to undercut it and almost comes down with his 2nd interception.

Evans showed so many positives in this game and was extremely vocal as I saw him relay plenty of calls and hand signals. Yes he did have a couple missed tackles and Brady did pick on him at times when he was 1 on 1 with WRs but overall he played better than I expected. This was only his first start and the positives heavily outweighed the negatives and I can’t wait to see him grow through the season. Lets see if he gets the starting nod this week given that most likely Tandy and Ward will be coming back off injuries.

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