Use of Screens/Timing Routes Must Return


Something that needs to be utilized more going forward for the Bucs offense is the use of screens and timing routes. Coach Koetter has been known for his use of the screen play and usually uses it at the right time. The Bucs need to bring it back as so far it has not been used enough in my opinion. Many times last season, the Bucs took advantage of the screen play with Humphries or Sims on the receiving end leading to positive yards almost every time. Screens do a good job of keeping the defense off-balance and make the defense move sideline to sideline. Now again these are usually very effective against the blitz or certain looks. The Bucs have speed in Desean Jackson and OJ Howard and an easy way to get them involved is through the use of a good screen play. Let playmakers touch the ball and make something happen, it seems that Bucs are too focused on the big pass play instead of looking for the first down first.

By doing this it should open up the field much more, various route combinations would help as well. The Bucs need to use more slants, curls, and drag routes to take advantage of their size and speed. More pick routes and quick timing routes will not only help Jameis get the ball out quicker but also set up manageable third down situations. By having success with the short passing game, it can help open up the deep passing game later. The Bucs did this very well last year in the season opener against the Falcons. Coach Koetter and Jameis need to get back to that mindset and understand that the weapons are there to be used. Get back to what works this week, and go get payback against the Cardinals.



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