Time to Unleash Martin


If there is one thing that this Bucs offense needs to get back to, that one thing would be running the football. Bucs Rb Doug Martin returned last week and looked to be back to his 2015 form, rushing for 74 yards on 13 carries and 1 td. So far this season the Bucs have pass the ball 65% of the time which is too high in my opinion as it is getting away from the strength of this team. The Bucs offense is at it’s best when it is running the ball effectively and using their tight ends in play action pass, coach Koetter has to get back to that. He did it in Atlanta when he had Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez as they would run the ball heavy and use the play action to set up the middle of the field for big plays.

The Bucs need to get back to that formula and take the chains off of Martin today and let him touch the ball at least 20 times today. The Bucs offensive line has been very physical so far and the Bucs need to run behind them more allowing Martin and company make big plays via the run. When you run the football, you are able to control the clock which allows you to control the game. The offense has to get out of the mindset that it has to get the ball to certain players and instead focus on what works which is a balance gameplan. This means mix up the run and pass and use variation of the play action pass to create mismatches down field.

Doug Martin has fresh legs and now is the time to let him run free and help this team get on track offensively. Facing a aggressive Cardinals defense, if the Bucs can run the ball it will set up big plays for Desean Jackson, OJ Howard, and Cam Brate down the field. Expect to see a heavy workload today for Doug Martin as they will try to pound the rock and slow down the blitz happy Cardinals which should let Jameis make big plays throughout the game. Stick with the ground game, Martin is ready to breakout.

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