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I really don’t know what to say after this last game against the Arizona Cardinals as the Bucs probably played the worst first half of football I have seen since the debacle in Atlanta during the 2014 season. The Bucs couldn’t get stops on defense and couldn’t score on offense which is a recipe for disaster. How can this team let this happen again after they got crushed last year in Arizona 40 to 7. Then to go into this game needing a win to get back on track at 3-2, instead come out completely flat and just let the game slip away once again. Now at the time I was very upset and I wanted to blast the team just like other fans but decided to wait until after watching the tape. This article will focus on the offense and then I will get to the defense in a separate article. First off the team doesn’t need to fire any coaches as that won’t solve anything going forward. Sure coach Koetter could be better but his plays have been there for the taking if they could be executed properly.


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Now things that I would like to see Koetter do more is draw up plays to attack the middle of the field with his tight ends and slot reciever as I feel that doesn’t happen enough. For example, the picture above shows a common play which is right trey 60 H shallow drive providing multiple options over the middle of the field. The drive concept is high low passing play which allows the QB to make a simple read based off the defense. Plays like this need to be utilized more especially to open up the field more and provide the QB with easier throws to make. Now with that being said, there are still plays to be made like I said earlier they are just being missed. Take a look at this clip below.

This was the first offensive play for the Bucs and it probably should have been 6 or at least a big play. If Jameis completes this to Mike who knows how the game turns as it could have been a much different result. The Bucs got the right look as the Cardinals were shading towards Desean, and Mike put a great double move in which caused the safety to bite allowing Evans to get behind the D. There were other plays like this that were just missed by the Qb and if they were completed the Bucs might be 3-2.

This play should have been 6, but inaccurate pass leads to another missed opportunity for the Bucs offense. It’s a great play design as well where the Bucs come out in 13 personnel(3TE 1WR 1RB) having OJ Howard in the slot next to Evans. Basically they run a TE cross with Howard and Brate then Evans runs a skinny post over the top, Fitzpatrick missed the post as it would have been an easy 6 if it was out in front of Evans.

So there are two examples of the Bucs offense just not executing and it has to change if the offense wants to be more effective going forward. Now again this team needs to run the ball more to open up the play action which will provide easier throws, but also it has to start attacking the middle of the field. The tight ends and receivers are too good on this team not to be allowed to attack the middle of the field. I think this will improve as it is just timing that is missing right now and hopefully it can be corrected soon.

So what I would love to see this week against the Bills is a diverse balanced attack of run/pass while using our TE’s over the middle along with slants, comebacks, etc. Make the offense easier for the Qb allowing the offense to be more effective, but still if guys are open downfield the play has to be made. Let’s hope coach Koetter and Jameis Winston can get this offense fine tuned and start to show what it’s true potential is against the Bills this Sunday.

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