Defense Must Turn to Aggressive Approach


Like I said in my previous article I would talk about the defense and what is causing their issues so far this season. So far this season, the defense has had two very poor showings against the Vikings and Cardinals both resulting in losses. The fix is real simple in my eyes which is stop playing this soft ass shit and be aggressive for four quarters. Pass rush and coverage must get on same page and work together as there should be 11 guys flying to football at all times. I want to see a fire lit within them and display some passion in that they want to kick the other team’s ass up and down the field. I don’t know what that was against the Cardinals last week as they just let them move the ball at will for 300 total yards of offense in the FIRST HALF! That just can’t happen and should never happen, this defense has the talent to be a good unit, they just have to go out and do it.

When this team was putting wins together last season, they were flying to ball and hitting anything that moved, being aggressive no matter what. This unit has to stop worrying about the big play and just get after the football which should lead to plays like this one from last week.

This is a perfect example of playing fast and attacking the football which is what this unit has to do going forward or else it is going to be a long year. Now getting back Kwon Alexander and Keith Tandy into the lineup is huge as both are key players for this unit. With them in, I think Mike Smith will be more aggressive with his play calling as he should be. With Kwon, the Bucs can show more 3-4 looks allowing them to use their speed at linebacker to help in the run and get after the Qb.

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Here is a example of a 3-4 look, in which the Bucs could use which should allow the Bucs to be more aggressive in their run fits along with their blitz packages. Time to throw away the cover 4 and cover 3 looks as they are just not working as now. If the pass rush was more consistent those alignments could be more effective but the Bucs pass rush needs help so with that the coverage on the outside must play tighter as a group.

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This picture above shows a cover 2 man under look which is something I think the Bucs should utilize more going forward. Let our corners play press and try to force everything towards the sideline making it more difficult for the opposing offense. This look can be shifted from a pre snap cover one look which is usually only one safety back in the middle of the field. Our division rival the Panthers do a great job of this as they do here in a game against the Jaguars.

Image result for cover 1 man defense

This is well designed and is something the Bucs need to show more often. They could even change this and go from cover 2 to cover 1 as they would just send the safety down into the box. Point is this defense has to start flying to the ball and start making opposing offenses work for their yards. Nothing should be easy as that is what good defenses do they make you earn every inch out there. Now like I said earlier getting Kwon back is huge as the Bucs record is not good when he doesn’t play 1-7, ouch. He is the heart and soul of the defense and the Bucs will need him to set the tone tomorrow against the Bills. So enough is enough, lets start playing fast, fly to the ball, and be aggressive all game. All three levels of the defense needs to play as one and play with some dam fire.


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