Time to Put up or Shut up


Well Bucs nation, it’s week 8 of the NFL season and our Bucs find themselves in a similar situation yet again with a record of 2-4 and their playoff chances looking slim to none. The Bucs have lost three in a row now as their latest lost against the Bills was a tough one as they literally gave it away with missed tackles and a costly fumble. As it has been all season the Bucs beat themselves with turnovers, mental errors, and missed opportunities on both sides of the ball. For whatever reason, the Bucs can’t put together a full 60 minute game in which they play well in all three phases of the game.

The offense has shown signs of being elite and then other times very average which needs to change soon if the Bucs are going to turn this around. The defense has been worse as they have shown tiny flashes but everything else has been subpar as for some reason they can’t win on third down. I don’t know why this continues to happen every year as the Bucs find ways to give away games early in the season and then all of sudden find a switch to make a run to get back into the mix of things.

This has to stop happening, this team is too talented to waste games like they have so far this season. It happened last year as the team started 3-5 and finally said that’s enough leading to a 5 game winning streak. Everyone needs to be held accountable and start doing their jobs. No reason to point fingers as that will accomplish nothing instead just go focus on doing your job. Players complaining about the scheme, playing time, and lack of production while certain coaches are struggling with consistent play calling. Well enough bitching and focus on how to get it fixed and make sure it doesn’t continued to happen.

Yes everyone involved needs to be better as this is a 2-4 football team right now so no one has room to talk right now instead focus on working together in order to find the solution. The attitude of this team has to change for the better in that they are going to be accountable and start showing some heart and displaying a winner’s mentality. There are 10 games left and the funny thing is this team has the players and staff to win all ten but it has to change now starting this week against the Panthers. In other words, it is time to put up or shut up and start playing at a high level to put together a streak. I expect a highly motivated team this Sunday at Ray-Jay ready to give their best performance of the year. If it doesn’t happen then there are bigger issues with this team and should be addressed immediately.

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