Defensive Leaders Must Step Up


The Bucs have to find a way to get a win this Sunday against the Panthers as it’s a division home game and the team desperately needs a win after losing three straight. It’s time for this team to come together and find a way to get things back on track. I want to focus this on the defense and it’s leaders as they need to step up in order to put an end to this bad display of defense. So far this season it seems the Bucs just don’t want to play defense as they just haven’t found a way to get opposing offenses off the field. The Bucs allowed opposing offenses to convert on 49% of their third down opportunities which is good for 31st in the league. The Bucs were number one in this category last season which tells you that the defense right now is not working.

The Bucs defense has to be better all around as their run defense (114 yards per game) has been subpar which is not good when you are struggling to rush the passer (7 sacks). The leaders of the defense have to step up and making sure everyone is being accountable. Same goes for the coaches as Mike Smith needs to make sure guys are being utilized the right way and that the scheme is designed to attack the football. In my opinion that is what is missing from this defense as they are just not attacking the football like they did in 2016. They must return to hunting the ball if they are going turn this thing around or else it will just continue to be ugly.

This play above just can’t happen and shouldn’t happen as too much watching is going on instead of attacking the ball carrier in order to make a play. Again that was another third down conversion allowed by the defense something has to change. Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, and Kwon Alexander need to get together with players and coaches to have a meeting and figure out why it’s not working. Enough has to be said and get back to playing good football on the defensive side. The talent is there and now is the time to go show it against a struggling Panthers offense by playing aggressive and attacking the football for four quarters.


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