Bucs Can’t Get Out of Their Own Way


After watching the game yesterday, I could think of only one word to describe it: EMBARRASSING! The Bucs performance yesterday left a lot to desire to say the least especially on the offensive side of the ball. Bucs have been terrible on offense for whatever reason in the first half this season and it continued yesterday as they were shutout for the second time this season. The Bucs just couldn’t get out of their way as they kept beating themselves with poor Qb play, dropped passes, penalties, and turnovers. They showed no signs of sustaining drives as they were 2-11 on third downs and only found the redzone one time. The Bucs offense so far this season has been so inconsistent that we don’t know what to expect each week. There is no identity on offense as there are no bread and butter plays that the Bucs can run every week and know they are going to work at a high percentage.

The slow starts have to end, the Bucs have too much talent on offense to not put up points in the first halves of games. Head coach Dirk Kotter who has a good offensive mind needs to find a way to build an identity with his playcalling and stick with it for four quarters. This offense is designed to be a run first, play action pass type offense and for whatever reason the Bucs have not shown that consistently this season.

The offense should have at least 25 rushing attempts per game along with more short passing incorporated to help establish more ball control and rhythm for the unit. In this league you have to keep defenses honest and by being unpredictable can help accomplish that. Now again there are plays to be made that are just not being executed properly and it is killing the offense right now. Everyone involved on the offensive side needs to be better, the passing game needs to be sharper, ground game needs more touches, and overall need to be more physical. Time to refine the offense and get back to the basics. Run the football and use a two read passing offense to help Jameis be quicker with his decision making. The Eagles do this to perfection with Carson Wentz as they give him two reads to choose from allowing him to make easy decisions on most passing plays.

The Bucs have to start doing something different because right now it’s not working and the road ahead doesn’t get any easier. With four losses in a row, change has to start now in order for this team to finish strong or else it’s just going to be the same thing which is more losses.

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