Playcalling Needs to Help the Offense


So far this season not much has worked for the Bucs as they can’t find a indentity, can’t execute consistently, and continue to not show up in the first half of games. All of this leads to an 2-5 record for a team about to face the division leading New Orleans Saints, and unless massive improvement is shown tomorrow, they will be looking at 5 losses in a row. It’s time for this team to start playing like they are capable of especially on the offensive side of the ball. The offensive unit really has no excuses as they are healthy, full of playmakers, and should be able to exploit mismatches consistently. Yes the defense has to show up as well, but like I said earlier this week they are what they are due to a lack of pass rush and will need offensive support to be successful. Like any team in this league, to be a winning team it takes complementary football in which all three units are working together.

It is something the Bucs have gotten away from this season and need to get back to it quickly if they are going to put a winning streak together. I think it has to start with the offense, they need to bring the juice and get this team to believe again. This offense needs to get back to a ball control type offense in which they play smart and play the field position battle, keeping their defense fresh and out of bad situations. The potential is there for this offense to be great, but so far lack of execution has hurt them. Now yes we have been critical of Jameis Winston on this site as he has missed multiple plays, but the play-calling can do a better job of making it easier for him. A more balanced approach needs to take place as this offense should be running the ball heavily with a play action passing game mixed in.

Too many times this season the Bucs have thrown the ball 35 or more times putting a lot on the quarterback’s plate. Instead coach Koetter needs to commit to the ground game, use the short passing game, and get the ball out of Winston’s hands quickly. This game is all X and O’s and how to take advantage of the right matchup consistently. The Patriots do this every week as they find the weakest defender each week and they attack them at will until the other team adjusts then they do something different to stay ahead of the curve.

Coach Koetter needs to start calling this offense to play to their strengths which is quick tempo balance controlled offense with good mix of run and pass. More variations of run plays along with more 12 personnel(2TE 2WR 1RB) needs to take place going forward. The Bucs probably have the best tight end duo in the league and for whatever reason don’t use them enough to attack the middle of the field. Right now the Qb is struggling to transfer from his first read to his second read fast enough, so make it easier for him by giving him just two reads. The Eagles do a great job of this with Carson Wentz as they give him just 2 reads on most plays allowing to make the easy choice. Bucs need to do the same by attacking the middle of the field, allowing Jameis to do more rollouts providing him with run/pass options. Just look at what the Bucs opponent for tomorrow does against the Bears as this is a great play design.

Being consistent with your attack is what needs to happen as the offense has to get back to being a run first play action type offense. No reason to make this harder than it needs to be, as football is about being smarter than the opposition. With Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, Cameron Brate, OJ Howard, and Doug Martin to work with, the Bucs have to be smarter in how they use each one and making sure they are putting them in a position to succeed. The offense is struggling to execute so let’s try to make it easier for them with more running and an up tempo short passing game. The Bucs desperately need a win tomorrow, and it has to start with the playcalling being better overall in order to fire up this offense.



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