It’s Deja Vu For The Bucs Yet Again


What an absolute joke of a performance the Bucs displayed last Sunday against the Saints. It was embarrassing and it was very hard to watch a team that is so dysfunctional overall. There is nothing consistent with this team as there is probably a handful of players that do their job consistently week in and week out. The Bucs don’t know what they are on offense or defense and it has shown it’s ugly head over the last two months in which the Bucs have now lost five games in a row. The last two weeks specifically on offense has been atrocious filled with mistakes everywhere, and no execution what so ever. To sum it up, every good play is followed up with three straight bad plays putting the team in bad situations consistently. The team is not consistent in any area and is why they got destroyed by Saints 30-10 and are now 2-6 for the season.

This is nothing new for Bucs fans as it feels like deja vu as it seems every year this team has had high expecatations they find a way to shit the bed. For example, the 2011 season the team was coming off 10-6 record, they started good by going 4-2, but would lose ten straight ending the year at 4-12. This year feels similar to that season which is disappointing due to the talent that is on this roster. The Bucs seemed not prepared each week and continue to make the same errors each game on both sides of the ball. This is not a good sign going forward and not sure if it will get better anytime soon. The lack of execution, poor play calling, mental errors, and lack of physicality is killing this team each week.

“All of football – all offense and defense, run and pass – is tied into efficiency. You can say you’re going to run it all you want, but if it’s first-and-10, second-and-nine, third-and-eight, punt you’re not going to stick with it. It’s the same way in the pass game. If you went incomplete, incomplete, incomplete, punt. Efficiency is tied to execution. As we’ve said all along, we are not playing consistent enough in any area right now on our football team. We are in spurts and when we string it together for 65 plays of offense, defense [and] 28 plays of special teams then we will be where we want to be.” 

Above is a quote from coach Koetter today as he said it best, this team has no consistency in any area and is a big reason why the team is last in the division yet again. Defensive coordinator Mike Smith took it a little farther talking about his defense as it has been very up and down.

“Not on a consistent basis. We are not doing anything consistently. We are not calling a good game consistently. We’re not executing. We all have ownership of this – it’s across the board. I can tell you there’s times that I have made bad calls. There [are] times where we haven’t run to the football. There [have] been times that at the point of attack we have been soft. It’s just not good football. You guys see it. We see it. You guys are veteran people that watch football and it’s not very pretty. When it’s not pretty all of the time, it can be ugly.”

In other words, nothing is going right for this team and that includes coaching which hasn’t done a good job to put the players in a good position to succeed on a consistent basis. Just look at the offense which has underperformed due to poor play design, inconsistent qb play, and poor o-line play.

This is happening way too much with the run game as the o-line is suffering too many breakdowns leading to negative plays like this one. It seems like the lineman just don’t understand who to block on most occasions leading to negative plays or minimal gains in the run game. Let’s go to the next play which pretty much defines the Bucs season so far.

This has to be a touchdown and it would have changed the game but instead goes as a missed opportunity. The offense as whole has been very disappointing. The play caller is not helping the Qb and the Qb is not helping the playcaller by missing open throws. The last 5 weeks and this season has been deja vu for the Bucs and unless major steps are taken, I wouldn’t expect it to get better going forward. A identity needs to be found quickly and maximum effort needs to take place or the Bucs will continue to struggle to win games this season.



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