Bucs Finally Win a Game


So that is what a win feels like as it is something we as Bucs fans haven’t felt in quite some time. The Bucs are now 3-6 after beating the Jets 15 to 10 and will go on the road against the Dolphins next week. This wasn’t a dominating win, but the Bucs controlled the game for the most part and did what they had to in order to win. For whatever reason, the Bucs finally played hard for 60 minutes which was a main reason for their losing streak. Kudos to Mike Smith for making adjustments on defense and letting his guys play aggressive for 4 quarters which resulted in 6 sacks and two turnovers. In addition, the Bucs held the Jets to just 20% on third down which was their best performance all year. Using players to their strengths finally showed up in this game as Linebackers were allowed to play downhill and the secondary played near the line all game which is something we have been asking for.

Attacking the football is something all defenses should do, and finally the Bucs did it yesterday against the Jets. Now granted the Jets offense shot themselves in the foot a lot with penalties which put them in third and long situations for most of the game. The Bucs won on first and second down as well, holding the Jets to just 56 yards rushing allowing the Bucs to be more aggressive on third down.

Beckwith being used as edge rusher is smart because he struggles in coverage so go let him get the QB, and that he does for his first sack. Last thing about the defense, they allowed the front four to just go north and south and guess what 6 sacks. Energy and heart can do wonders and the defense finally brought it.

Now to the offense which was ugly for the most part as execution was still lacking but I thought playcalling was better. Koetter did a good job of being balance, 34 passes vs 31 runs which means controlling the game. The Bucs won time of possession which is probably the first time this year. Qb play was still up and down but Ryan Fitzpatrick made some big throws when needed to produce points. I thought Desean Jackson and Chris Godwin were outstanding and could have had bigger days if passes were more accurate. Again using more quick passing was nice to see along with getting Desean opportunities to run after the catch was great. For the running game, it wasn’t great but the commitment to it was awesome and is something the team needs to have continue going forward.

At 3-6, Bucs have to keep winning to keep any playoff dreams alive and will have to bring the same kind of effort like they did yesterday especially with the next three on the road. Take it one at a time and who knows maybe the Bucs can make a crazy run.

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