Chris Godwin Shows Potential


Watching the Bucs offense against the Jets was tough at times as execution was inconsistent once again, but there were some positives still. One of them was rookie Chris Godwin who made his first career start filling for Mike Evans and didn’t look like a rookie at all. Godwin finished the game with 5 catches for 68 yards and was very impressive with his run blocking as well as fighting for yards after the catch. Godwin has been a solid rookie so far by being productive on special teams and doing his job on offense when called upon. Head coach Dirk Koetter gave big props to Godwin the day after the win per

“There [are] only so many roles. That’s the thing. You are going to have a number one, a number two, a number three and a number four. That’s just how it is. As we’ve said in here multiple times, you can’t have too many good players. I told you that Chris’ main issue to date has just been that he hadn’t had opportunities because he is behind those other guys. The way you saw Chris play on offense is really the same way he has been attacking special teams up until yesterday. It wasn’t just plug him in for Mike [Evans]. Chris did a lot of dirty work yesterday and Mike does some of that too. We had him and DeSean [Jackson] switching back and forth on a lot of different stuff. [I] couldn’t be happier with Chris’ effort and his finish. He got the game ball on offense.”

Godwin is someone I was very high on coming out of college as I saw a guy that  just plays the game the right way consistently. He is a complete player as he can run crisp routes, make tough catches, run block, and also be a force on special teams. The guy is a coaches dream and hopefully this team can continue to add more players like him.

Talk about a guy that wants to win, he is bringing maximum effort on each play and it is refreshing to see. Then there is the physicality that Godwin displays with his run blocking ability, especially on this play below.

Godwin is someone who could get more opportunities down the stretch as he continues to get better with time. He is very smart and is already working like a veteran. The potential for him is limitless and could be on his way to being a solid receiver in this league.

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