Ball Control Offense Must Stay


The Bucs last week did a great job of utilizing a ball control offense in their win against the Jets, allowing them to control the game from start to finish. The Bucs won the time of possession and won in the trenches by using a mix of runs and short passes to move the chains. This needs to occur today against the Dolphins who feature a defense that can be beaten with a strong ground game and quick passing game. Like the Bucs defense, the Dolphins struggled on third down which should mean good things for the Bucs offense today. Main thing for today is the offense protecting the football, and staying committed to the ground game. As we have seen too many times this season, that the Bucs can get away from the run too early, and getting a early lead certainly helps with that.

Usually when the Bucs get the ball to their backs over 20 attempts usually good things happen and the same needs to happen today. I think this matchup is good for the Bucs to attack the edges as Miami edge contain is suspect, but also mix in some power runs up the middle would be smart as well. The Bucs have been very good when running to the left and that needs to continue today. Donovan Smith and Kevin Pamphile excel in run blocking and need to be used more consistently in which the running back is going right behind them.

Plays like this need to occur more and I would expect the Bucs try to use their zone runs to attack the edges against a Dolphins defense that is reeling. Then the Bucs can come back with plays like this in the passing game that can be very effective on first and second down.

This is what we call keeping the defense off balance, and lets hope the Bucs bring that today by using a good ball control offense. This should open up big plays later in the game as the Dolphins are suspect to big plays and have allowed many big play touchdowns this season.

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