Time to Unleash Beckwith


Going to be honest we were not huge fans of the Kendell Beckwith pick back in April as we thought he would struggle based off college tape. I can say now that I am glad we were wrong as the pick looks very good for the Bucs as Beckwith has been a solid player and one of the more consistent players on this team. Beckwith has 51 tackles and 1 sack, and has been key part for the run defense. With Kwon Alexander back, Beckwith has seen less playing time but is still being effective as a three down player. The Bucs strength on defense is their linebackers which allows them be more aggressive and play a 3-3-5 front. The Bucs have been using Beckwith as edgerusher over the last month and at times has done some good things.

The Bucs unleashed Beckwith against the Jets in which he got his first sack in the play above, now it’s time to let Beckwith go all the time. Currently the Bucs don’t have much of anything on the outside as pass rush goes, so why not let Beckwith be aggressive and go after the Qb full time. If I am Mike Smith I let Beckwith rush full time on third down along with the occasional blitzes on the early downs. The Bucs need to be creative in their ways to generate pressure and using Beckwith all over the line of scrimmage would be wise. So let Beckwith go without restrictions no more hesitation just go get the Qb. He is faster than offensive tackles and should just go for the rip and dip move every time. If Beckwith can get some hits on Ryan this week, the Bucs got another good rookie on their hands.

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