Bucs Play Smart, Winning Follows


With a win today, the Bucs could get themselves right back into the playoff picture but to do that they will have to play smart. What do I mean by smart, well first thing is protecting the football which the Bucs have done very well the last two weeks. Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to continue to take care of the football by making good reads and taking what the defense gives him. Lets take a look at some keys for the Bucs today and what I mean by playing smart today against the Falcons.

  • Attack Matt Ryan all day to get him moving: 

The Bucs need to attack Ryan with multiple looks and blitzes to get Ryan off his spot, making him throw earlier. Ryan is great when he can throw in rhythm so the Bucs have to find a way to disrupt that timing. I would love to see the Bucs play press coverage to get the Falcons receivers off their route, this will make Ryan hold the ball longer. Every first down I would send a run blitz with press on the outside, Bucs D needs to create third and long situations.

  • Attack the Falcons weakest defender CB Robert Alford:

The Bucs need to do this often today as they will either have Mike Evans or Desean Jackson lined up against him. Whatever you do don’t test Desmond Trufant as he is just too good getting his hands on the football. Instead attack the smaller Robert Alford who is suspect to penalties and getting beat deep, the Bucs attacked him in the opener last season and the Bucs put up a high point total. Find ways to get Evans and Jackson lined up on him often and take advantage.

  • Stick with what works

It sounds simple right, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it that is what the Bucs must do today. Stay committed to a balance attack and continue to feed the hot hand. If OJ Howard is having his way then find ways to continue to get him the ball. If the inside power runs are working, then keep going till the Falcons make adjustments. Bucs need to see the mismatches and keep attacking it.

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