Run Game Needs Power


If you look at all the good teams in the NFL, they all have one thing in common which is running the football consistently and effectively. These teams run with purpose and have the O-line and RB on the same page which leads to a consistent yards per carry. For the Bucs, the run game has been a huge letdown as there has been no rhythm established through 11 weeks. Use of the singleback zone runs for this offense just haven’t worked outside of the Patriots game and don’t even start with the toss plays. This offensive line is just not doing well when it has to go east and west allowing way too much inside penetration  in which is getting the Bucs running backs killed on a weekly basis. So how about trying to go north and south and push defenders back off the ball. The power gap run game is something the Bucs have showed at times and have had some success this season.

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The Bucs have the O-line to go downhill which would benefit guys like JR Sweezy and Kevin Pamphile who do better when they can pull and come downhill. Right now Doug Martin is not trusting his O-line and using a power run game could help Martin get on track by getting 3 to 4 yards a carry. The use of Iso power, counters, and more power off tackle runs is something that needs to occur going forward.

Whether there is a lead blocker or not, the Bucs need to enforce their will and run the ball more downhill which can help with the play action as well. Find a way to get the run game going then can use play action to open up the middle of the field. Against the Falcons tomorrow, the Bucs can attack their linebackers because they are super aggressive and will over pursue on play action. It’s time for the offense to use a power run game and use both Doug Martin and Peyton Barber to get it going. Let’s not forget Barber had a good series of plays when the Bucs were running powers up the gut which were gaining 5 to 6 yards per carry. It starts tomorrow against Atlanta, hopefully the Bucs can get their running game back on track with a power run style.

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