Bucs Look Lost on The Field


What a week it has been for the Bucs since their game last Sunday against the Falcons in which they lost 34 to 20. The team is pretty much out of the playoff race due to the 4-7 record and declining from a health standpoint. The Bucs have a offensive line that is short handed due to season ending injuries to Marpet and Dotson. The offense will also be featuring a new backfield with a returning Qb and a new starting Rb against the Packers.

Switch gears to the defense which are running out of players up front, and more moving parts in the secondary making this defense even more vulnerable right now. While the personnel is changing going into this final stretch of the season, one thing remains the same which is this team is lost on the field. 12 weeks into the season, and the team still has no identity on either side of the ball and look like a team that is searching for answers every week.

Lack of leadership, poor game management, inconsistent execution, and poor defensive gameplans just seems to be a normal occurrence for this team. The defense especially looks lost in their run fits and what coverage to be in consistently. Last week, they allowed one guy beat them in Julio Jones who said after the game that they didn’t make any adjustments.

Playing quarters coverage or zone exclusively is just not going to work against Matt Ryan and Julio Jones in which both took advantage all day. All three levels of the defense looked confused throughout the game and there was no urgency to make adjustments. The Bucs showed signs of being aggressive but didn’t do it enough as they tried to win with zone and a 4 man rush that didn’t get to Matt Ryan at all.

This play seems to happen every week as it seems McCoy is going lone wolf and no one is there to fill his massive hole. The same is going on in coverage as there is no communication or aggression towards the football. Here is another easy play for the falcons.

It’s a shame this continues to happen every week, and nothing different occurs especially on the road. This defense has been really bad on the road giving up more than 30 points per game. It’s weird because at home, this defense plays aggressive, stops the run and gets after the Qb to force turnovers. Granted a lack of pass rush hurts this team as Mike Smith has to create pressure with blitzing and when that doesn’t work there is not much that can be done.

Then back to the offense, it starts with the head coach who continues to show the same inconsistencies each week with play calling, personnel formations, and has become very predictable. The team looks lost on the field and that is never a good sign going forward. There is no rhythm or setting up plays on offense, no money plays that the Bucs can continue to lean on to use in critical situations. The slow starts every week in the first quarter is unacceptable but continue to happen due to lack of creativity. One thing is for certain is that change will be occurring over these last five weeks and hopefully something positive comes forward from it.

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