Jameis Returns, Time to Give Him Control


He’s back! Jameis Winston returned to action against the Green bay Packers in which the team lost in overtime 26-20. However, Jameis played very well in my opinion going 21 of 32 for 270 and 2 tds and giving the team a chance to win the game. He got the offense rolling to begin the game which hasn’t happen all year as Jameis was being smart with his decisions and getting the football to the right people. We have been seeing it all year in which the ball was being forced downfield, instead Jameis did a good job of moving the chains with high percentage throws. It helps also when Jameis can make throws like this to his favorite target Cameron Brate.

For the first time this year, I thought the playcalling helped Jameis as there were more quick passing along with playaction allowing him to make quick reads. Now granted the O-Line struggled allowing seven sacks and the redzone play design was questionable again, but Jameis did a good job of overcoming that. Quicker tempo, along with a decent run game is something I would like to see during these last 4 games. More control needs to be given to Jameis and allow him to call plays on the go.  Faster tempo tends to make Jameis play better and for him to call the game at the line of scrimmage would be nice to see. This Sunday would be a good time to let Jameis play in no huddle and just let him take control of the offense. Dirk Koetter’s playcalling has been suspect all year, maybe it would be smart to let Jameis call his own game and run with it. Time to see what Jameis can do with full control and stop holding him back.

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